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Second Hand Port & Terminal Equipment  

HS MARIN gives technical brokerage services to ports, marinas and terminals in order to sale & purchase second hand shipyard equipment which they need to buy & sell.

HS MARIN keeps online contact with international market to find best and fastest solution for customer needs. HS MARIN also offers to follow up all sale & purchase stages including  inspection on place, submitting technical reports, transportation of equipment, refitting and commissioning of equipment.

Our Major Sale & Purchased items as follows :

     -Ship to Shore Cranes (STS)
     -Rail Mounted Port Cranes,
     -Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes ( RMG)
     -Mobile Harbour Cranes ( MHC),
     -Rubber Tired Gantries ( RTG),
     -Stradle Carriers (RS),
     -Shuttle Carriers ( SC)
     -Mafi Transporter,
     -Reach Stackers