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Ship Repairing Project Management  

HS MARIN, gives following services regarding Ship Repairing Activities with Privacy Principles:

- Preparing Ship Repairing Report

     -  Visiting to ship in order to investigate planned Repair request from crew on board,
     -  Supervision of requested Repair items on board,
      - Prepared Ship Repairing Report and estimated Repairing cost,

-Shipyard Evaluation and Selection

         -  Determination of the candidate shipyards,
         -  Investigation of the shipyards references,
         -  Determination of the shipyards engineering capabilities,
         -  Determination of production and quality control capabilities of the shipyards,
         -  Determination of financial competence of the shipyards,
         -  Review of safety policies and practices of shipyards
         -  Prepared and presented comparison table to the customer according to  above collected data.

 -  Collecting Proposals from candidate shipyards

         -  Preparing Technical Specification of Ship Repairing,
         -  Sending Technical Specification to candidate shipyard in order to receive their proposal,
         -  Reviewing received proposal from shipyards and prepare comparison tables
         -  Evaluating all proposal with client and choosing shipyard.

-Site Supervision and Reporting,
         -  Providing  Good ship building practices
         -  Witness for Proper installation of equipment
         -  Witness for Proper surface preparation and coatings
         -  Witness and record tests and trials
         -  Weekly update Scheduling and deviations
         -  Liaison with all parties involved
         -  Witness of all commissioning, sea trail and tests.
         -  Weekly, monthly Reporting on all project activities, including time and cost estimates